Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Favorites...Good Friday

succulent goals
This long weekend is much needed and honestly we would all be fine not leaving the house the entire weekend. What I love most is that we are going to fly by the seat of our pants with no schedule and see where the next three days takes us. Hope you all have a lovely weekend planned and even though our kids are older they still look forward to our annual Easter egg hunt here at the house looking for that elusive golden egg! 
for those of you who like these placemats you can find them here
adorable pennants
favorite easter candy


  1. Tracey M.8:02 AM

    Happy Friday! You know...I have that texturing spray...and I'm not sure it's for my hair. I had read such rave reviews...maybe my hair is too thick or I'm just not using it right. Let me know your thoughts! :) Emjoy your weekend!

    1. It might be too much for your thick head of hair! It works well on my fine/thin hair but I do have to make sure I hold the can far when I spray ;) TGIF!

  2. OMG - the answer is ALWAYS tacos. Need that!! Happy Easter to you all!!

    1. Happy Easter to you all as well!


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