Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday Favorites...Scenes from the Nutcracker Market

should have bought this
You know that feeling when you look through your camera roll after a day of shopping and come across something that you totally should have purchased...but didn't? Or am I the only one who does this?  It's that time of year again where we take the annual girls shopping trip to the Nutcracker Market and wrap it up with tequila and tacos. Yesterday we hit it hard and had a fun time shopping while getting in the Christmas spirit. I always look forward to going and I'm thinking I might have to start this tradition with my daughter who has asked to go ever since we moved here 6 years ago.  Plus, how else am I going to get my piece of crystal home? 

Happy Friday y'all!
 the heart won me over
I think we all can relate to this 

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