Friday, October 07, 2016

Friday Favorites...R+F Launch!

love this regimen 
Y'all my Friday Favorites post this week is short and sweet due to the launch of R + F's new product coming out today. The convention is under way and the cat isn't out of the bag quite yet but they did unveil travel sizes of their regimens to us. This is so perfect right before the holidays and one less thing to worry about when packing. We got you TSA. 

I won't be shy about posting our new product this weekend (#sorrynotsorry) and please keep your fingers crossed that we find a homecoming dress. Time and patience is running out for the both of us. Our weekend is full and we're looking forward to the big "mum" exchange that is going down on Sunday. 
cutest homecoming hanger evah
another pic of travel size products and view our new website design here
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