Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Favorites...10/21

 my daughter and her date from HOCO last weekend
So Halloween is 10 days away and I haven't put out one decoration...inside or out. What? Not one spider, not one haunted house, and not even one skull. For some reason, the past couple of months have been crazy busy (in a good way) so I'm thinking it's best to just jump on into my Christmas decorating. Oh and speaking of Christmas you have 10 more weekends to get your shopping wrapped up. Yikes! The kids have a half day of school today so it looks like our weekend is starting early! TGIF y'all...
this pumpkin decor could happen

my favorite bears
truffle fries from here


  1. Your daughter's date is handsome! ;)
    Your blog is awesome too.
    You might want to visit mine at: (where I'm an angry writer)
    OR (where I'm a wannabe funny writer)
    LOTS OF LOVE!!! :)

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