Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Favorites-HOCO prep...

mum base
Well, this week my daughter and I finally experienced the "Texas" mum tradition. You know, the tradition where the girls wear a gigantic fake flower adorned with numerous ribbons, glitter and trinkets around their neck and the boys wear a smaller version on their arm? Well...we were a little very overwhelmed when we first started the decorating process. The lady making it for us was super helpful and we truly appreciated (and needed) her direction...believe me when I tell you that the only limit is your imagination. Ultimately we were super excited and we cannot wait to see the finished product. I guess I'm not in the "moms against mums" group anymore. So with that being said it looks like we'll be shopping for HOCO dresses this weekend. Wish us luck in finding the perfect dress and TGIF!
leftover birthday balloons
my palms never get old
 new roman shades
finding sprinkles all over the house from last weekend's birthday cake
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  1. Wow. I like this one tradition. However, I would like you to share the tutorial by which you have made them all decorated.
    Emma Charlotte |


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