Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Try It Tuesday...Organic Face Products

As our skin "matures", if you will, I think we all are looking for those magical face products that will make us look and feel young again. My skin is a little sensitive and dry and that's why I'm a lover of this Houston humidity and these three game changing, organic products.  I use them every morning and night to balance the redness that I sometimes get and to moisturize. After cleansing with a clarisonic, I mix one drop of the serum with two squirts of the toner and pat (key word is to pat!) on my face and neck. The toner that I use is for normal to oily skin, but the rose and red tea help to balance my chemistry out. Last but not least, I apply the renewal creme and let dry before I put on my face. Don't worry, these products won't break the bank and have you dipping into your "shoe allowance" to pay for those cute summer sandals you've been eyeing recently. 
Click below to read more about these products:
Acure Facial Serum -deeply hydrates and restores moisture to your skin
Acure Facial Toner-to balance your skin
Avalon Vitamin C Renewal-moisturizes skin and vitamin C is essential for your skin


  1. These look like great products!


  2. Anonymous11:45 AM

    I really need a good hydrating skin product. Thanks for posting about these products.

    Kay of Pure & Complex

  3. Always looking for new products. I love this brand Vitamin C cream!

  4. I bought the Acure moroccan argon oil and the eye cream. Love them both and now my Target doesn't have them anymore :( have to buy on line now. The Moroccan oil worked great on Logan's super dry skin. Avalon Organics is such a great brand too. Happy Tuesday!!

  5. I love learning about new beauty products!! Thanks for sharing!

    xo Annie

  6. I'll have to check out the Acure brand - my skin is always so dry too! I like the Avalon face wash, but the Vitamin C cream isn't my favorite. Thanks for the tips!


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