Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Try It Tuesday...Lilly for Target

"Palm Beach is a state of Mind." Lilly Pulitzer

Remember when I posted my Lilly for Target wish list at the beginning of this month? Well the day had come this past Sunday and when I was only able to order one item (an item that I hadn't even considered buying) online because everything else was sold out or available in stores only I debated whether I really wanted to venture out to Target to fight the crazies. To be honest, the excitement had kind of worn off. There were a few items from her home collection that I wanted to see, so after I finished my second cup of Joe and while everyone else was still sleeping, I decided to venture out. What an experience! I've never seen grown women act so ruthless over merchandise. I didn't get the napkins I wanted (stay tuned...I'll make them myself) but I was able to grab a few outdoor throws that I had my eye on. The orange tunic pictured above was returned and I did feel like the clothing was a disappointment. If I could have a do over I would have headed back to the home collection first and then made my way to the other products. I'm perfectly content with having my bona fide Lilly Pulitzer dress and a few Lilly + Target home goods.
Here's a close up of my Lilly loot:
Click here to view my unexpected online purchase!


  1. Tracey M.7:52 AM

    Agreed 100%! We would have been a good tag team shopping together b/c I too should have headed straight to the home goods. There were about 30 people in line before the store opened! (in our small town) and they just walked right in and grabbed, all accessories and clothing was gone within minutes. It was unreal. I'm ok with what I purchased though...just not worth it.

  2. Anonymous8:17 AM

    I just went to Target, only to pick up certain items, and I can't believe I didn't venture into the home section. I usually do but I didn't this time. I should have because I LOVE those blankets. So stylish. I have to go back today. Great post Charity.

    Kay of Pure & Complex

  3. Michelle12:01 PM

    I wanted quite a bit, I can wait though. I must say after seeing that people were already on eBay selling items for triple the price and higher within an hour it upset me. Nothing you can do I suppose. Hopefully I'll catch something on the next round!

  4. I agree that it wasn't worth the fight for it. I didn't even see one piece at our closest Target. I really love the pineapple robe. Very summery!

  5. I checked our Target afterwards and there was not one single piece left. Ha!

  6. I heard it was complete chaos! So annoyed that some people just scooped up everything only to try to sell it online. Glad you got a couple of great goodies, love that white beach blanket!

  7. I know it really was crazy! I wasn't able to get anything!


  8. They look SOOOO COOOL! And the colors are gorgeous babe! Gorgeous set!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  9. that makeup bag is SO CUTE!!!


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