Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Favorites...what's in my bag?

I was honored when Vanessa over at Vanessa's Runway asked me to be a part of her What's in my Bag series earlier this week. She highlights different bloggers and asks them to share what they carry in their purse. Normally I carry big purses but I am currently carrying a medium size tote and I'm loving it. I do try to keep it organized and sitting in the pickup line at school is usually a good time to do so...always multi-tasking. Back when I would read US magazine on the weekly I always found myself skipping ahead to their "what's in my bag" article to get a sneak peek of what the celebrities carry. So I thought it would be fun to share with y'all what I tote around with me on the daily and what my "essential items" are. 
The bright colors and pineapples are perfect for spring.

  1. My LV Insolite wallet which I use a lot for a clutch. It fits everything even my iPhone.
  2. Betsey Johnson makeup bag for life’s little necessities such as hair ties, lip gloss, bobby pins, etc.
  3. I have a slight obsession with sunglasses and Ray-Ban aviators are one of my favorites!
  4. I keep 8 small vials filled with my favorite essential oils with me to use when I’m away from home.
  5. Colgate wisp mini brushes on those long days when you can’t get back home to brush…or when your kids forget to brush their teeth. Don't be grossed out we all forget sometimes right?
  6. Banana Sun Bum chapstick that just reminds me of being on the beach.
  7. Trader Joe’s Ginger Mints-These took awhile to get used to but now I love them and they are great for digestion. I also seem to go through a whole box while watching my son’s baseball games!
  8. My favorite pen from Walt Disney World…I’m a pen nerd and love the way it writes!
  9. Sharpies are always good to have on hand, especially when you have kids around.
  10. 10. My iPhone 6+ which you don’t see pictured because it’s what I use to take every single picture.
  11. 11. I had a World Market receipt that was hanging out but I accidentally set it on a puddle of water that was on the table. Oops! BTW...I never had a chance to use it.
So there you have it. Be sure to check out Vanessa's blog. She's a So Cal lifestyle blogger who always has a cute outfit to share or a great DIY! Happy Friday Y'all!


  1. First off, I love that bag! I need to check out those ginger mints...they sound really good!
    xo Emily

  2. That bag is so pretty! Loving the pattern. Great post, hope you have a good weekend!!

  3. Love the colorways on the bag

  4. That bag is so cute! xx, Hayley

  5. Love these posts, and adore your purse! I need to get that chap stick... I love that brand, and might have to check out those TJ mints. I'm not into ginger but maybe worth a try -- I do hear it's great for you.


  6. Love your handbag! I like to carry Colgate mini brushes too, love them!

  7. that is a beautiful bag!!!! love it!


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