Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Favorites...

sweater//gap denim(past season)//nike sneakers(past season)
I have a new found affinity for navy blue and sneakers. Pants with ankle zippers have always been a no brainer for me but when I saw this sweater with the side zippers I knew it would make it's way into my closet. It's outfits like this that make running errands and kids around a breeze. You never know where a day will take you...this day we just happened to go to our daughter's basketball game. I had been in this outfit all day and yet I'm dressed casually and comfortably but with a touch of style, all while not wearing stretchy pants. I couldn't track my Nike suede wedges down last year to save my life, but it just so happens that they found me at the beginning of this past summer at the outlet mall for just a penny and yes...I felt like a kid in a candy store. 
These wedges are almost impossible to find since they are from last season but if you are in the market for a pair of hi-tops I suggest these...seriously.


  1. I love the beige sneakers and the purple shoelaces - very cool!

  2. Love those high tops. I'm starting photography class in January. . .these will be stylish and comfortable shoe to maneuver around the city in.

  3. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Love the look! So cute!


  4. My daughter just found a sweater very similar to yours. She loves it and says it's so warm and comfortable. Love your shoes too. You are super stylish, Charity. I wish you could come and shop with me!

  5. You are rockin' the navy and sneakers, girl! I love it! Have a good weekend Charity :)

  6. So cute, as usual! You have the best taste.

  7. Great casual look! Love the high tops
    The Doctor Diva

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  9. I love this everyday look! That sweater is so nice. xx


  10. Oh man Charity...if I hadn't blown so much money in the Cyber Monday sales I would totally be buying that sweater right now. It's so ME!! And you apparently! :o)

    This is one of those things that I'm not going to be able to stop thinking about and inevitably, a month from now when I cave and go online to buy it they won't have my size.

    That means I should really just buy it now...right?



  11. Dying for those Vans high tops. So rad. I am such a fan of sneakers & high tops.
    :] // ▲ ▲

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