Monday, December 22, 2014

Around the house...

2014 Radko addition to our ornament collection
Our newest Christopher Radko ornament finally came in the mail and quickly made it's way onto our tree because as you know tiding days are dwindling. It's definitely in the top three of my favorite ornaments but of course it would be because you all know I have mad love for Cali brah. This month has flown by, but it has been filled with so much holiday excitement and fun get togethers with close friends and entirely too much studying by my middle-school daughter. I still can't believe that we will be celebrating Christmas and all of our usual traditions in just a few days with our family back home. Please tell me that I am not the only that has had sleepless nights this past week. I don't know if it is just me aching to get back home or hoping that I am truly prepared for Christmas. 

I hope you all find the magic in this season and take this time to enjoy the little things. I'm ready to take a break for the holidays and here are a few pictures of Christmas around our house. 
I love the simplicity of fresh garland on the mantel
And I also love a fresh swag at the end of our staircase
I know it's sugar overload but the kids love my sweet station I keep out all month long. The santa is a cookie jar filled with our favorite sugar cookies and trust me when I say the m&m's don't last long!
Great gift idea for tween girls to give to their friends!


  1. Your decor is so, so awesome!! Love the evergreen boughs and that awesome California ornament :)

  2. So pretty and festive! Have a Merry Christmas! xoxox

  3. Beautiful, Charity. I still get excited at Christmas. Wish we could all be together just one more time. I cherish memories of years gone by, and plan to make new memories this year. Safe travels.

  4. I love that sweet station! We are heading home at 2:30 today (when work lets out) and I am beyond excited to be home for the holidays!!

  5. Love those ornaments! I have one too. Ours is Paris. I didn't realize it was a 'Radko'. Ooohh la la!

    Have a wonderful holiday Charity!


  6. Beautiful Christmas decorations!
    I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas
    The Doctor Diva


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