Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Favorites...

Casual holiday style

It's been a low key week with my kiddos being sick and home from school. I haven't had much computer time but I threw this casual holiday look together which would be perfect for Thanksgiving day. I'm not one to dress up...I prefer to be casual and comfy especially when I'm about to throw down on some good food and some buttery chard. I'm still loving distressed jeans, stripes & fringe (last post for awhile with it I promise ;) although joggers are quite the rage right now and that's one trend I don't mind. How is your stripes & fringe situation looking this fall? 
Happy Friday to y'all and I plan on getting to the store today for all of my T-day groceries before next week's madhouse begins!


  1. Ha ha! I would love to see you eat buttery anything, girl! You are so healthy.
    I think joggers are the best (and cutest) Thanksgiving option. ;)

  2. I'll wear stripes any time of year but I've always avoided fringe ever single time it comes back into style. It's just never been my thing.

    Love those jeans and top though!


  3. loving those fringe booties! super cute outfit!

  4. Love your selection! Cute and cozy look :)

    lazy dirty kitten from Tokyo


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