Friday, November 07, 2014

Friday Favorites...

What another fun and crazy week around here. My original post for this Friday has been put on the back burner but wanted to quickly share my favorite sales going on right now and my new found love for to go coffee cups found here! Sorry Starbucks but they are cuter than yours and cheaper too ;) Anyway, back to fashion. It is so unbelievable all of the great sales going on. There are so many right now that it's the perfect time to start thinking about holiday outfits & Christmas presents. Be sure to check the current sales at Gap & Nordstrom for your favorites. I'm stocking up & hope y'all have a fantastic weekend.  TGIF!


  1. As if I needed another excuse to go shopping....



  2. That IS a super cute coffee cup :) Much better than the giant Starbucks mermaid...

    Have a wonderful weekend, Charity! <3

  3. Thanks for pointing out the Gap sale and I would have missed it, which would be a shame as me and my little one practically live in Gap clothes
    The Doctor Diva

  4. Starbucks should go shopping for those cups, haha..



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