Monday, November 03, 2014

Around the house...

There's a chill in the air and it finally feels like fall y'all! I love to light candles...period, however there is something about this time of year that it just makes the house seem more cozy and warm. My favorite fall scent for the past couple of years has been the French Oak Scent from Restoration Hardware. I light them in different places in the house so the scent fills the air. They have several different sizes of candles, diffusers and room spray. They are a little pricey but worth the few extra dollars. Since this "tis the season to be giving", these candles make for the perfect gift this holiday season or anytime of the year! 
I like to put my candles in a glass containers with dry beans for a different look.
How do you display your candles?


  1. Oh man I LOVE Restoration Hardware. Their aesthetic is just so elegant and classic. Those candles look incredible, Charity! I love the way you displayed them :)

    Simplicity Relished

  2. Lucky me, I have a RH outlet store nearby..might just have to pop over and see if they have any of these. Sounds heavenly.


  3. I love lighting candles too. I agree, the house feels so much cozier. I've never heard of this scent before, but if it's from RH it has to be good!

  4. I'm agree with you: I love candles in the house too!!!! These are really beautiful products! Kisses,

  5. My French Oak is pretty much done and I need to replace it pronto!

  6. Why have I not tried this candle?!?!? I need to get the RH pronto! And I love how you display your candles...such a good idea!

  7. Oh those look like they smell awesome! I love the little jars you put them in with the beans - so perfect!

    - Sarah :)

  8. I just love restoration hardware. I wish it wasn't so expensive!!

    Frank Vinyl

  9. I agree - candles do make the home cozier. I usually fill the hurricanes with sand in the summer or fake autumn leaves. I like the soybean idea. I remember "Barefoot Contessa" saying that if you fill it with coffee beans, the house smells yummy from the warmth of the candle!


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