Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Try It Tuesday...Home Yoga Practice

This past month I signed up for an on-line subscription yoga class through Udaya. Why? #1- Because it is a free month trial period and B- it's something I've been wanting to try for awhile now.  I have enjoyed it and being in the comfort of your own home is always good idea. I can practice anytime and have access to so many different classes and time options. Have y'all tried at home workout sites? Although it's always fun practicing yoga with a group, sometimes there are days where I just want to get my workout in as soon as the kids leave the house in the morning and not have to drive anywhere. Like today, I just finished a 40 minute vinyasa class and I have so much energy to get me through the day. Cute yoga clothes from here also help me keep my energy levels up!
//photo cred to my husband//
See you can do yoga anywhere. Last weekend I had to stop, drop and yoga during my run! I'm participating in a #LetsGetFlexy challenge for the month of October and each day you have to post a picture of yourself doing a certain pose. See my other poses on my Instagram  and remember #yogaeverydamnday 


  1. I've tried at home online Pilates mat classes and only used it once out of the month I had it. We put our gym membership on hold last month, so maybe I should give Udaya a try.

  2. Love doing yoga at home too! I can't get into bigger classes with people sighing and whatnot.

    The Marcy Stop

  3. I love to do yoga at home, but it lasts five minutes at most.. Online maybe a great idea for me too! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  4. 1) You are adorable! 2) This is a great idea! I am going to try this for sure. 3) You are adorable! :)

  5. OHH I want to try this. I love this idea.


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