Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Try It Tuesday...Coffee

Is your coffee bulletproof?
 The last five mornings our coffee has been quite different. It has been BAD. "Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good" to quote James Todd Smith. Apparently we're a little late to the game but thanks to our Arizona bff's we have now been invited to the party and we are really diggin' it! So if you know how to make your coffee bulletproof then you know how good it is and if not here's the skinny...
(accidentally picked up the salted butter which is shown above...oops!)
Ingredients for 1 8oz cup
1-8 oz. cup of your favorite coffee
1/2 Tbs. of Kerrygold Pure Irish Creme Unsalted Butter (or any grassfed butter) 
1/2 Tbs. of CMT Oil (it's a higher concentrate of coconut oil)

Brew your coffee-2 heaping Tablespoons per 8 oz.
Pour hot water in your blender and run it for a few minutes to prime your blender (if you do not have an aggressive blender then boil 16 oz. of water in a tea kettle and pour into your blender to get it hot).
Put butter and CMT oil into blender and add coffee and blend until froth forms at the top.
Pour into your favorite mug and enjoy!
We have been making 8 cups at a time so we have been using 4 Tbs of Butter and 4 Tbs. of CMT oil. Some people put as much as 2 Tbs of butter and 2 Tbs of oil in 1 cup. You'll just have to play around trying different amounts to see what works for you.
I thought it would have a strong buttery taste it but it makes it so creamy and delish...
Why should you put butter & MCT oil in your daily cup of joe?
Because it gives you energy, keeps hunger away and it boosts your brain function tremendously! Dietary fat does not make you fat and it's a better choice then choosing a carb filled me. I'm not an expert when it comes to all of the nutritional deets but I am a fan and I'll be curious to see if you are too! 
P.S. Sometimes we use a french press and this is our favorite!


  1. Awesome post!! I love coffee! :)

    New post on GIRL ABOUT TOWN BLOG

  2. I'm going to have to try this. It sound like a better choice than cream and sugar.

  3. Oh I am a HUGE fan of this post Charity! I love kerrygold butter, by the way. And adding it to hot drinks is a fantastic idea!

    Daisy | Simplicity Relished

  4. WOW! I've actually been thinking I'm over my coffee... something is missing. I love everything in this drink. I'm so excited to try it.

    I guess the pumpkin spice coffee with cookie creamer could be the problem, too.... haha

    - Sarah :)

  5. I think I might need this in my life, like right now! Sounds so good!
    Kristin xx

  6. oh my god yum. you just made me want coffee so bad!


    Frank Vinyl

  7. That coffee looks AMAZZZZING!!! Gotta try that!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  8. I appear to be late to the game as well! And here I thought I'd heard it all or nearly tried it all if it had to do with coffee, but I was wrong... am going to find a place to try this at or just make my own, doesn't hurt it's freezing cold here either! Thanks for the photo of your Bulletproof Coffee or I wouldn't of found your blog--hope you don't mind I shared it with credit as I'm curious who I know has tried this concoction before! In the past I've heard about Hot Buttered Rum & thought sound gawd awful but this butter in coffee sounds more interesting... esp with the lose wgt / don't be hungry possibilities right?! Thanks also for sharing your recipe... have seen others now add cinnamon & vanilla to it too... Enjoy!


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