Monday, October 20, 2014

Around the house with ceiling light sizes...

It's that time of year when lighting and furniture is on sale...probably perfect timing in order to get everyone's homes ready for the holidays. I am still in denial that it is that time of year already. A couple of years ago we decided to switch out the lighting in our dining room, living room and added a light above our kitchen table that I am still infatuated with to this day. The above picture is the light in our living room. What a bright idea it was..hee hee (I will have to tell you the story about my first choice that wouldn't fit through the front door nor any other door in our home on another post).  

Lighting can make such a big difference in changing the look and feel of a room. Although I don't think there are any rules when it comes to decorating, there are some guidelines that you can loosely follow when deciding on what size of lighting would be the right size for your room. So just in case you are in the market for a new light this formula might help you...

Add the length and width of the room in feet, convert to inches and that number will give you the diameter of what your light should be.

Check here, here or here for lighting inspiration!


  1. Such a cool lighting tip-- I never knew that! We're in a rented apartment and can't do much by the way of lighting installations, but I'll keep this in mind if/when we own a home one day!

    <3 Daisy

  2. I love lighting. One of my favorites is in our bathroom!

  3. I have a weakness for lighting. It's a real problem. :( I remember the RH light not fitting! Ha! It seems like yesterday. Still loving this choice.

  4. Chandeliers and overhead lighting were things I never really thought about until I went to a friend's home recently when I noticed she had one in almost every room - and I love them! They transfer a room so well. I especially love the one in the picture. Simple yet sooo gorgeous!

    - Sarah :)


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