Monday, September 29, 2014

Around the house...

//photo courtesy of houzz//

I choose to eat outside every time the opportunity presents itself. There's nothing better than fresh air and good food for the ultimate dining experience. Although I prefer round tables I have been drawn more to the opposite lately while looking for an outdoor dining set. It's patio season here in Houston and I'm on the hunt for a new table & chairs for our backyard. Obviously this isn't the typical time to make this type of purchase but I'm finding there are some really great closeout deals. There are so many different styles to choose from but I am ruling out iron and the color black. Hopefully that will narrow it down a bit. The search is on and the above picture would be my ideal setting if I could just find a down sized version of this & the adorable family picture that's displayed ;) Here are some other great tables that I found while surfing the internet:

This gray table could brighten up my area.
I heart this round table.


  1. Okay, I love eating outdoors too but not when there are mutant mosquitos around! We get the worst bugs here in Atlanta!!

    Do you have this issue too? I usually have to light at least a few citronella candles to keep them at bay.


  2. Love all the outdoor furniture as well as the succulents and airplants :)
    <3 Daisy | Simplicity Relished

  3. gorgeous photos I wish I could have a patio like this!

    francescaFrank Vinyl

  4. Tracey M.3:17 PM

    We're in the same boat! I want to look around and buy for next year (with great sales), but I don't have a plan for the backyard yet either. So...I'll just gather ideas I suppose. Good luck!

  5. Anonymous9:25 AM

    yum, looks so good! xo

  6. I love all your choices. I hope we find something today! :)


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