Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Try It Tuesday...Mini Pigs In The Blanket

I love to make a simple breakfast when we have guests in town or when we have to rush out the door for an early morning sporting event with the kids. These "mini" pigs in the blanket are perfect to make for just these reasons. We have made the full version for dinners when the kids were little but never thought to make smaller versions of these until friends of ours made them for us when we were visiting them this past spring. They would make for a great appetizer as well. Small bites are sometimes just the right amount!
I used a can of crescent rolls and cut them in half before wrapping them around cocktail sausages to make 16 mini pigs in the blanket.
 I used Applegate organic mini cocktail pork franks
If you're not the meat eating type just add cheese to the crescent rolls before you roll them up to bake!

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