Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Try It Tuesday Using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint...

The look of our dining room furniture had been wearing on me for quite some time. I kept finding myself daydreaming of replacing this furniture but I had to snap back to reality and find a cheaper solution that would hold me over for awhile. 
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to the rescue! I had enough paint and wax left over from when I painted this last year so it was the perfect choice to transform our pieces. It's incredibly easy to paint with, no fumes, no sanding and not having to move our furniture out of the room made it an easy decision to use ASCP again. My husband tackled this project in one day!  
A whole new look and "new furniture" in just one day!


  1. Tracey M.9:24 AM

    Turned out great! It's always a little daunting to paint furniture. I especially love how you had the great idea, but Mark did the execution. LOL :)

  2. Beautiful transformations, Charity! I love the darker color. It gave your dining room a whole new look.

  3. Looks good! Nice work!

  4. Love it!!!!! Love ASCP too! Did you all do the table as well?

  5. Wow! That looks great!

  6. Tracey this type of paint makes it so so easy! And yes, Mark is the painter around sweet of him!

    Thanks so much Brandi for the sweet sure did give us a whole new look in there...

    Thanks sis...I love how it turned out.

    Karen-we did paint the table and so glad we did. glad you love it!

    Thanks Lisa!

  7. LOVE IT!

    Kisses from Italy dear


  8. Looks great, love the darker colour.


  9. Thanks so much for stopping by Michelle! Yes, the darker color turned out well :)

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