Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Try It Tuesday...fool someone with a cacao milkshake

Fool someone with this cacao milkshake.

If you love chocolate milkshakes then I have a healthy recipe for you to try. A cacao milkshake that you & your kids will love.
Cacao Milkshake

8 oz. almond milk
1 T cacao powder (I use cacao magic by philosophie)
1 drop of chocolate liquid stevia
1 banana
1 scoop of peanut butter (optional)

Blend and enjoy!

 Cacao powder is rich in antioxidants and is a great source of dietary fiber. I use philosophie cacoa magic because it also contains reishi, mesquite, tocos, maca, chia seeds and vanilla which all helps repair cells and protect against pain and disease.
 This is typically the kids after school snack. I put it in one of their favorite cups and stick in the fridge to make it extra cold.


  1. I've never tried peanut butter in mine. Will have to do so!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the cup!!!! the cacao one is my favorite. Adding PB or PB2 is my favorite way to serve. Logan likes his with Strawberries instead of the banana. :)

  3. Thanks for this recipe. I am going to Whole Foods today to pick up the cacao.

  4. Thanks for the comments :) Karen I'll have to try to remember to add the PB2 in it...I have it but always forget to use it.

  5. What's PB2? Also raw cacao powder is good for leg cramps. I need to get me some asap!!!!!!

  6. this looks yummy!

  7. Tracey M.7:43 AM

    You had me at liquid chocolate Stevia...I need to locate this STAT. ;)

  8. Looking so delicious,tasty and healthy as well. Thanks


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