Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Try It Tuesday...

Breaking out the copper mugs for Moscow Mules

 I'm loving the warmer weather and our new happy hour cocktail.  Moscow mules are all the rage right now especially when served in a copper mug. This drink has been around since the '40's but we just jumped on the bandwagon especially after finding these copper mugs on sale at One King's Lane. Warning: the health benefits of drinking out of copper outweighs the condensation.
 Here's how we make ours:

*this makes one 16 ounce drink

1 1/2 ounces of vodka
Ginger beer (it's non-alcoholic)
Lime wedges
Copper mug-optional

How to
Fill mug with ice about 3/4 full
Pour vodka over ice
Squeeze juice from 1-2 lime wedges (use more to cut down ginger taste)
Fill the rest of your cup with ginger beer
Stir, garnish with lime and enjoy!


Everythings Always Sunny said...

This sounds soooo dang good!! I will need to try it!!

Kristin xx

Nikki said...

I have never heard of these, but I will have to give it a try!


Christine de Leon said...

yum! love the copper cups!

from – The Lion's Den

Lisa McGough said...

Mmmm....this looks yummy. So, what is the story about the copper mugs? I can't wait until Tuesday to find out. :)

staystyledoc.com said...

Love this drink! Thanks for sharing your recipe/tips in your blog. BTW, love the name "life after baseball," I can totally relate to the CRAZY life. My fiance is currently playing right now. Always nice to find/meet someone who knows the baseball lifestyle :) I look forward to following your blog :)

Stay Styled,



Clarice said...

nice recipe... looks yummy...

Nikki Stratton said...

My favorite cocktail!! Thanks for the recipe!!!!

Karina said...

Never heard of but will give it a try! If you swap the ginger beer for sugar and smash the limes with it, you have the famous Brazilian national drink Caipirosca (made with Vodka) Caipirinhas (are made with sugar cane rum)!

Charity said...

I have never heard of your drink KARINA but I will def have to try it! I'm always looking for new cocktails :)

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