Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Favorites...

I stumbled upon this super friendly hello t while in napa last month. It's soft, gray and it made me smile so I bought it. Notice the silver ring on my finger? Here's a close up pic:
It's my favorite new and only cuff ring I own and for some reason I can't stop thinking about wearing it on the beach...Check it out here on James Michelle's site. I also wore earrings with this outfit.

The pink stone was perfect with my pink converse for valentine's day...I'm not sure if this chick Kendra Scott still makes this style since they are about three years old. The link will take you to similar ones. 
P.S. this post isn't sponsored in any way. Just wanted to share what I like in case you might like it too and need a little isnpiration!
P.S.S. It's National Margarita Day tomorrow (2/22) so get crazy and maybe have one.  You might want to try this one we made last Labor Day.


  1. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Too cute! All of it. It should be a sponsored have great taste and people buy your "likes"! ;) Happy weekend! Tracey M.

  2. Sweet picks sis. I like the hello shirts too. I will be celebrating margarita day a day early. Taco Friday tonight!

  3. Super Cute. I'm just dreaming about the beach in general........ring or no ring :)

  4. Thanks for all of the comments ladies! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

  5. That ring is B.A. Is it Stella&Dot?


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