Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Favorites...

I hadn't been to the bay area for awhile. Actually the last time I set foot in Oakland airport  was 9/10/01. Mark and I were heading back to Denver after his foot surgery, I was 4 months pregnant with our first born. Everyone knows the tragedy that happened the next day. It's hard to believe that it's been a little over twelve years.

I was glad to be back in the area last weekend and it was even better that I was heading north to wine country with my hubbs. On the way up we took the Bay Bridge to San Fran so we could drive to Napa via the Golden Gate Bridge. That was our second time crossing it and my goal is to bike across it next time. We grabbed some grub in Sausalito and then made our way to Napa. Here are 6 favorites from the trip and be sure to keep them in mind for your next time there.

1.  Domaine Chandon was a definite stop. Who doesn't love bubbles?
2.  We really loved St. Helena and French Blue is a great choice for lunch.
3.  One of my favorite Chards is Elizabeth Spencer. Yes, she was there!
4.  Pride Mountain winery you can have one foot in Sonoma & one in Napa.
5.  The popular Silver Oak has a time capsule that they will open in 50 years.
6.  Most unique flooring is at Orwin Swift using pages of old chinese books.


  1. I am saving this post. I would love to go to Napa one day and these are great tips! Thanks!

  2. Such a WONDERFUL place. I love SF!!!!! So glad you had fun.

  3. Lisa let me know when you go because I have a lot of other favorites there!
    Thanks Karen! Would love to go back in season....although I may not be able to handle the crowds!

  4. I grew up in Northern California and I've been to Napa a hundred times, but I've never done a wine tour, because I was never of age. Now I live in LA and I really want to! Beautiful pictures.

    beck daily

  5. Jill you really should go for it! It is so fun and bet it is gorgeous during spring and summer. Although when we went was good to because it wasn't as crowded ;)


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