Monday, December 09, 2013

It's official...

I'm pretty sure after this weekend it's safe to say that we are officially Texans.
What are the two things you think of when Texas comes to mind?
Football & cheer of course and now my kids do both. I might add that I was reluctant to enroll either one of my children in these Texan institutions...but, when in Rome.

I was surrounded by a lot of makeup and bows... of the gigantic "cheer-kind" all day Saturday.
Ryan's team took home first place in their division only one trophy though for the team. The girls did receive medals for the jumps which added to her hardware.

 Having to be at a cheer competition all day sure beat being outside in the thirty degree weather watching the typical drumming put on by the JV Saints that I have grown accustomed to on Saturdays. If you live under a rock or maybe you just don't care too much about football...uh hmm...Jack's Junior Varsity KYF Saints beat the Ravens 19-0 on Saturday at Rhodes Stadium on the turf.  35 degrees with a slight drizzle is not my cup of tea to say the least. However, I wish that I could have been there to cheer the boys on just one last time this season. 

Jack's hardware to add to his collection.

Happy Monday Y'all...

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  1. Anonymous12:13 PM

    You are a winning team all around! Love from your MaMa!!!!


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