Tuesday, December 10, 2013

DIY Try It Tuesday-Filling Wasted Space...

I love the idea of utilizing wasted space in any room.

 My daughter's room has two dormers that needed something other than her window benches. I just didn't exactly know what.
 My mom found this pic while cruisn' Houzz awhile back and we knew exactly what her dormer needed after seeing this amazing girls room which is set up just like Ryan's. 

A built in desk! 

Before pic:

Here's how:

1. Mark mounted 2x3's on the wall to support the desktop. Measure the space twice and cut once is what Dad always says...Desk height should be around 29-30". The depth is 24". Make sure that the 2x3 that makes up the depth of the bracing are cut short by the thickness of your plywood (in this case it is 3/4". 
2. 3/4 inch plywood with a nice finish was used as the desk top. Take measurements at the window and at the edge of the desk to make sure that the board is cut to fit!
3. Nail 3/4" plywood down with finish nails and countersink for improved finish. Cut apron to place in front of depth 2x3s and nail to front.
4. Caulk all seams with paintable caulk and sand.
5. Finish with your choice of paint x2 and Voila!

Try It Tuesday...


  1. That is so clever! I love it.

  2. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Absolutely love it! Good job Mark. ❤️Mom

  3. Super cute!!!! So much for no more DIY huh????

  4. Thanks girls! Ry is LOVING it. I know Karen! This project was so easy...Mark stayed calm, cool and collected the entire time ;)

  5. This a really good idea, and it's so affordable1


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