Monday, November 25, 2013

weekend wardrobe...animal print style

Last Friday night I was in my p.j.'s at 6:00. It was cold (48 degrees) and after a long week all I wanted was to be comfy and sitting by a warm fire. Mission accomplished.
Saturday morning brought rain & more cold weather so I busted out my robe...remember this one I found last summer? 

Animal print was a theme this weekend...I found myself wearing my faux leopard coat Saturday afternoon.
Every girl needs a fun animal print jacket/ perfect with a t and jeans in my book!

Our Christmas tree is up along with the stockings and a few other decorations. Still can't believe the holidays are here!

We ended Sunday Funday with champs (eggnog for the kiddos) and cheese to celebrate the end of a fantastic week, 15 years of marriage and 3 years to the day we moved to Texas!

Happy Monday!


  1. Such a fun weekend. Happy Wedding and TX living anniversary.

  2. Thanks Karen :) :)

  3. Janet4:44 PM

    Perfect wardrobe for the weekend. I was wearing my awesome, matching robe too, love it! So glad y'all moved here 3 years ago and our families became friends!!! Y'all are not allowed to move back! Love y'all sweet friend!

  4. Awww Janet you are so sweet :) We feel the same about you and your family! It was meant to be and it's because of you taking me into Soma that I found our awesome robes! XO

  5. What a WONDERFUL post:) your blog is such a great inspiration source

    Check out my new post...a Divine Swedish chocolate recipy:)

    Have a fab weekend dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - Swedish decor, food, and fashion


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