Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall decorating with a modern twist...

Velvet Pumpkins 
Are these gorgeous or what?

Luckily, I stumbled across these from Laura, a hollywood housewife  who I follow on IG. 

Velvet pumpkins for fall decorating?
 Yes please!
 I love the modern twist on these pumpkins. They are so simple, elegant and just plain kind of decorating for this time of year. Bonus is that I can keep them out throughout the fall unlike halloween decor which must go back in the tub the day after Halloween is over if you are anal like me.

Obviously, if you know me it's not a surprise that I chose to start my collection with the white pumpkins. If white isn't your color there are 43 different colors you can choose from at LoveFeastShop!

 Although it took me a couple of weeks to pull the trigger I am so glad that these pumpkins are sitting on my dining room table. They put a smile on my face every time I walk by these cuties.
Also, be sure to sign up for their newsletter if you like their site. A couple of days after I signed up they sent me a 15% coupon code to use! 

Happy Fall Decorating


  1. These are super cute. I have been meaning to look them up since you posted them on IG.
    I'm not a Halloween fan. I don't like all the spook and I don't like wearing costumes either. I guess I'm the "Grinch" of Halloween. Not sure what you call that.......please don't say "Witch". :)

  2. These are so chic! I love them. I agree with kmlrunner. I don't care for Halloween either but these are a stylish, "Martha" way to decorate for fall.


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