Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Day 1 under my belt...

Day 1 of the cleanse went pretty smooth. 

Was I starving?
 No, not until dinnertime but that was probably my fault for waiting to eat until 7:40 after all of the kiddos activities were done for the night. I wanted to eat with them (I'm big on eating together as a family as much as we can.)
It helped that I prepared my Monday dinner on Sunday...please call me "Suzie HomeMaker"

A headache is a symptom that some people have during the first 1-2 days. I started a little one around 4:00...that could be because I didn't have my cup of joe this morning or it could just be a symptom of all the craziness that starts around then with the kids. Who knows...nothing I can't handle so far.

Looking forward to another day of foraging!


  1. Good girl!!!! Keep up the good work!

  2. Glad you're still hanging on. Let me know when you start glowing.

  3. Thanks for the motivation girls ;)


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