Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Appetizer Platter on Try It Tuesday...

Last Friday night was our 4th Annual Witches & Wine neighborhood get together and I was in charge of bringing a cheese and cracker tray. I am a cheese lover so this was easy for me to put together. Well I did have just a little help from the cheese-ologist or whatever she calls herself at our local Whole Foods (love, love, love Whole Foods!!!)

Anyhoo...I used three cheeses-seaside cheddar, maytag blue and manchego. I decided to break up the cheddar and manchego instead of slicing it. Thought it gave the platter  a more rustic feel...
Fig spread is wonderful with blue cheese so I set some out to spread on the crackers and to top with the cheese. I ended up scooping it out and putting it on the same plate with the blue cheese (I forgot to take a pic)...I thought that part of the tray looked a little blah!
Add some olives, almonds and Applegate uncured genoa salami to the tray along with organic rice & wheat crackers and voila! You have a super easy appetizer to bring to your next gathering or Green Bay Packers game.


  1. Looks good! I bet all the witches enjoyed it at the party!

    Here's the soup recipe that you asked me for:

  2. Oh thanks for the recipe!


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