Friday, August 09, 2013

Tax Free Days Are Here...

Tax free weekend is here in Texas!
 I'm not sure if I want to stay away from all the crazy in the stores this weekend or if I want to join in on the savings. 
It can't be as bad as black Friday right?  I am looking for a new pair of cowboy boots so this may be the weekend to bite the bullet. 
Check here for a breakdown of the items that will be tax free this weekend.
Where will you be shopping? 


  1. Ours was last weekend and I stayed far away from the craziness of Target and the mall. Our sporting good store wasn't too bad and we stopped in to get a few things. Nothing as fun as new boots though. Good Luck!

  2. I'm with you not sure if I want to stay aware or gear up!!!!! Whatever you decide have a great weekend.

  3. HECK NO! Tax free weekend is utter insanity. We tried it our first year here. Never again. I had to drink a whole bottle of red just to calm down. ;-)


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