Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Try It Tuesday...

Color Crush

In a hurry and need a quick polish for your nails that's easy to apply?
I'm loving this color
still crushin' on Alpine Snow by O.P.I for my toes

What is your favorite polish color for summer?

And BTW what do you think of these knuckle rings that are all the rage?
photo courtesy of Nordstrom

photo courtesy of

 I tried one on when  I was in Dallas a couple weeks ago and I'm not sure I will ever put on another one. Feels weird and looks weird but that's just me...


  1. Not a fan of knuckle rings or toe rings, but that's just me! Love the Bubble Bath color!

  2. Love the Bubble bath color!!!!! No knuckle rings for me. Not a fan at all.

  3. Anonymous9:39 PM

    I saw kris kardashian had like 4 of them on this weeks episode -kristinP

  4. Kristin P I noticed Kris wearing them too! They are so uncomfortable!!!!!!!!!! Hope this trend goes away soon girls!


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