Tuesday, July 30, 2013

This Month I'm Obsessed With...

Here are my monthly obsessions that I couldn't live without this month!

Nothing screams that I live in Texas like wearing a buckle does.
I found this buckle when I went to the infamous Round Top Antique Show last April and I love wearing it with shorts this summer. 

These are more than a monthly obsession...more like an everyday necessity. Ray-Ban Bubble Wrap Aviators are a must. I love the lightness of them and how they wrap around my face. I would love to see Ray-Ban make these in a smaller size for people like me who have a small face!
photo courtesy of LuLu Lemon

Festival Bag by LuLu Lemon is a must !
I have last year's version but I'm loving the new and improved style this season! It's great for a baseball game, zoo trip, travel or just when you want to carry a smaller, functional bag for on the go.
I've seen it in black, orange and white but they go fast folks so if you like it I would grab one ASAP. Check it out here on their's a cross-body bag or you can wear it as a fanny pack. 


  1. Anonymous12:50 PM

    i plan on picking a big beauty belt buckle when we go to Round Top in September! Love it too. Mom

  2. I really like that bag! I could have used it when we went to Epcot for the day.

  3. Can't wait will love Round Top!

    Lisa-Yes this is the perfect bag for sight seeing trips! I hope they bring it back in the other colors...not a big fan of the red!


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