Friday, July 12, 2013

Heading to the beach?

I love a good surf shop...especially when I'm at the beach on vacation. I don't know why but every time I walk into one I want to buy every tacky souvenir. The more it's neon the more I want it, only knowing that I will never wear it once I leave and go back to life...back to reality...but I still want it. I had a hard time walking away from the neon pink Gulf Shores off the shoulder sweatshirt...but I did it. What I didn't do was walk away from the airbrush counter. As soon as I saw all of the different airbrush options I knew I had to make my decision ASAP. Drum roll please...and this is what I chose...

I'm not into airbrush makeup or airbrush tans but I'm into this HAT in a big way! I've been wanting a trucker hat for some time now and this is the perfect one for me. It just makes me giggle inside...tacky but oh so fun! 
Here's another flashback...
Who doesn't remember having a coral ring when they were a kid?
 I had to have those as well...too bad Ryan's broke moments after we left the store :-( 

You should have seen the store today when the rain was falling...SUPER PACKED!
Unlike baseball teams, I am pretty sure that those stores live for the rain out.
If you want me to pick up a custom hat or t-shirt for you, you better respond quickly because BeachTime is quickly running out!

When in doubt...hang ten or hang loose or whatever...


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  1. AWESOME. Our parents gave us names that never enabled us to find personalized anything at the store. Not stickers, plastic license plates, necklaces, magnets, nothing. You go girl and wear your big ass trucker hat!


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