Friday, July 05, 2013

Fashion Friday...

What do you wear when you travel on a road trip?

Usually I'm in workout gear but I think this might be an option for my next get away. The cropped jeans are stretchy and comfy for the car ride plus they'll keep me warm when the temperature in the car is a little chillier than I like. Don't worry, I always have a jacket or sweater with me to keep me warm...yes even in Texas!
My white tank is always a must when I travel. It's long, light weight and perfect for layering. 
I finished the look with my pippa necklace to add a little color and fun!

To call this outfit versatile would be an understatement. It's comfy, casual and ready for any type of dinner when I arrive at my destination!

Jeans/fade to blue
Shoes/tory burch


  1. Your pics aren't showing up, but it sounds great! We don't take too many car trips, but when I fly I have to wear comfy jeans. Something about not wanting my legs touching those dirty airplane seats plus it's always chilly in the airports and planes!

  2. Feel the same way about my legs touching the seats! That's why I wore jeans so when we went to grab something to eat my legs would be protected! I always wear pants/jeans when traveling via plane!

  3. super cute outfit and LOVE the orange wall :)


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