Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Monthly Obsessions...

This month I am obsessed with these three things:

Ryan had her nails painted in Dallas last weekend and she picked this fabulous bubblegum pink color that I am loving. Need A Vacation by Essie was the perfect choice since we were on "vacation."
Need A Vacation

 Try a Tervis Tumbler with your initial on it. Obsessed with drinking my lemon/cayenne water out of it errday...

Tervis Tumbler

Coconut Oil 

I use this as a moisturizer for my skin and hair...yes hair!
It's rich in fatty acids which is wonderful for your scalp and hair. I don't recommend using this as an everyday conditioner but once a week is great! I take a small amount (it is solid but melts quickly once you put it on your skin/hair)  and apply it to my dry hair. I leave it on for about 30 minutes then wash out.  No need to buy expensive deep hair conditioners anymore ladies!
Try to use an organic Coconut Oil to reduce the absorption of toxins & pesticides through your skin.


  1. Love all of them! What doesn't coconut oil do?!? My latest use is to help get the sticky stuff leftover from price tags and jar labels. It's magic!

  2. Magic for your skin fo sho!!!!!!

  3. Coconut oil is the bomb!!!!! We use it on/in everything. I use it on Logan's hair all the time since he has swimmer head!!! Works wonders :)


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