Monday, June 24, 2013

I no longer DIY...

Who knew that finding window treatments for my daughter's room would be such a chore...and a headache to say the least. 
After giving her room a facelift well over a month ago with a little paint it was time to say goodbye to her builder blinds...well kind of anyway. 

I love a simple roman shade but I don't like the wait time and cost to have them custom made. My daughter's window measurements (for an inside mount) are 34 1/2" and trying to find an already made shade to fit her window is impossible. I thought this was a standard measurement but obviously it isn't. If her window measured 32 or 36 inches I would be in business but I'm not and
Pinterest got the best of me.

  After browsing numerous DIY No Sew Roman Shade pics/tutorials using my existing blinds I thought that I would have two inexpensive, "custom" shades for my daughter's room in one afternoon. Simple as that right?

I left too many slats in the blind, I didn't put a lining on the back, wrong choice of fabric and  used too much fabric glue. We (yes, Mark was a sweetie and helped me) wasted a lot of time and energy on these and at the end of the day they looked cheap and homemade.

I/we (Mark and myself) no longer DIY...seriously. After today's frustrations with just hanging a temporary roller shade-which the helpful Lowe's "window specialist" cut too short-we will be hiring this project out along with any other's that come up in the near future.

Any recommendations on where to have roman shades made in the Houston area would be much appreciated! 

Have a great week!


  1. I hear ya...when it comes to big stuff like that just have to bite the bullet and bring in the pros.

    But don't give it up totally! Just have to be choosy and pick easier smaller stuff! Start painting candlesticks again! :)

  2. LOL! I don't even have time to do that anymore! Wish I could sew...and had the patience to do so. Maybe one day...

  3. OUCH!!!! This looks like a multiple curse word project. Sorry it didn't turn out. I hate that feeling. I will ask my sis if she knows of anyone she would recommend.

  4. It was a multiple curse word project...mostly by Mark though! It was dropping them left and right yesterday just trying to hang the temp roller shade! LOL!


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