Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Can't call it eavesdropping...

So I'm sitting here in the doctors office waiting for Mark to get a nerve block and it is crowded...really crowded with all different walks of life. Typically most Dr. offices prohibits  cell phone usage... this office not so much. 

Cell phones are going off left and right and I'm having to listen to random, LOUD conversations from work related issues to relationship issues. Not my cup of tea...

I understand that situations come up that are out of their control and that it isn't very fun waiting for a ridiculous amount of time to see the Dr. but for Pete's sake (who's Pete anyway?) step out into the hallway to hold court with whoever you need to. Also if you feel the need to play a game on your device or watch some random program please head to your local Best Buy and purchase a headset or better yet use the free one that came with your phone!

We probably need to teach Phone Etiquette 101 at our local Junior College or kids need to take this course in high school or junior high, wait wait...grade school prior to receiving their first cellphone. 

I'm telling you right now I am one Miramba ringtone away from going postal up in this mug!

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  1. Lol! Ha ha! "up in this mug!" Falling out of my chair!

    I TOTALLY agree with you. I do believe we as a society need cell phone etiquette. My favorite calls are when shopping in Marshall's and you can hear a woman wearing a headset, yell "GIRL! I told you he was bad news. Are you going to post his bail?" :-/


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