Friday, May 10, 2013

Power To The She...

@kmlrunner...I did it!

Last night this happened!
I ran my first official 5k and I'm not sure I'll run another one!

With one minute to spare and dark skies over us we made it to the race site just in time.  Yes I know it's only a 5k...but to me it was like running a marathon! It was a beautiful run and I enjoyed it even though I was sucking major air at the finish line. At that point I was thinking I would rather be in a serious vinyasa flow on my mat sweating my arse off. That thing that's called a runner's high...I've only had it once and it was during my training. Not sure if I'll feel it again...

I don't know if my Nike app is incorrect or the peeps that laid out the race course were playing a sick little game called, "let's make the 3.1 mile race a 3.68 mile race" but, I didn't train for a 3.68 mile race. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this trickery but I was not prepared for the extra distance (especially at night!!!). Maybe I should have trained a couple of times during the evening to better prepare for this one?

Either way, It's a good feeling checking this race off my list.

Thanks to my friend Karen for motivating me and putting me on a running program that I stuck with! Thanks to my friend Rebecca for actually getting us to sign up and to Marcie and Kara for racing too!

Power to the She ladies!


  1. Congrats! So proud of you! Still think you need a 3.68 sticker for your car! :)

  2. YEAH!!!!! OMG I am so happy for you!!! Rock star!!!!!!!

    I have heard of courses being slightly long but NOT THAT LONG. That sucks. Yes, running a race at night is not the utopian time. I say you give it a go again and pick a morning race to better match up with your training time.

    Regardless of your time, how you felt etc you did it!!!!! That is what is so AWESOME!!!!!

  3. Amazing! Good job! Girl, I wouldn't have made it one mile. :-)


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