Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I saw the NILS at Ikea and I made it my own! 
I don't like wasted space and I always try to make it as useful as I can. I have this black console table that is behind my couch and I thought the space underneath it needed something...didn't know what but something that was unexpected and functional.
This was about two years ago when I was browsing through Ikea and I saw these stools that might work.
I wasn't really crazy about the legs (Ikea's furniture is too modern for me) but I did want something that was clean and not fussy. But I thought for the price it wasn't bad and the  cover is removable so I could take it off and make it my own by having an L embroidered on it. Done Deal!

So I bought two of them and placed them under the table.  Believe it or not they actually have come in handy multiple times and I'm still loving them there after two years! They also blend in nicely with my other furniture that doesn't have an ounce of modern in it. 


  1. LOVE IT. Did you do the L on it. Hmmm...........that would work in my house too ;)

  2. I guess I should have mentioned that the slipcover comes off. So I took it too someone that does easy and affordable!

  3. Love these stools! Did you put the monogram on yourself? That is one "super glam glam" touch.


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