Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Try It Tuesday...

Avocado sandwich...yes please!
 So for the past couple of weeks I have been #addicted to eating this
avocado goodness for lunch!

1 slice of Ezekiel whole grain bread (I pop it in the toaster just to warm it up a little)
Spread Vegenaise on bread
Sprinkle with Sea Salt
Place sliced avocado on top

Fun Facts on Avocados:
There are more than 80 varieties but the most common is the year round Hass  whose original mother tree still stands in California

They are good source of fiber, potassium and vitamins C, K, Folate & B6

On Superbowl Sunday, Americans eat about 8 million pounds of guacamole

On Cinco de Mayo, Americans eat close to 14 million pounds of guacamole

Try It Tuesday...


  1. yummy!!! I have made something like this but I use Grey Poupon. So good. Don't know if you like smoothies (I know you are a juicer) but if you do try an avocado in your smoothie. It makes it yummy and creamy good :)

  2. Delicious! This looks so good. I need to make a run to HEB!

  3. Anonymous10:03 PM

    I'm not sure about the Veganese Gertie, but the rest of that sandwich is KING! Will try it soon. ❤Mom

  4. I'll definitely try it in a smoothie Karen! Lisa let me know what you think and Mom you crack me up with the KING!


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