Friday, April 12, 2013

Round Top Inspired Fashion Friday...

Last Friday I finally made it to the infamous Round Top Antique Fair here in Texas with my two neighborhood home girls! So worth the hour and a half drive to go junkin' in the junk capitol of the world on Hwy 237 in Warrenton, Tx. We found some great "jewels" to take home and we had to stop in to see what the Junk Gypsies were up to. Of course Jolie had to photo bomb our pic but we thought what the heck...we're here why not?

One of the "gypsies" had these 
Nicki by Minnetonka in Poppy Red

shoes on and I couldn't stop thinking of them once we left. That's when I know I have to have something. So of course I found them online and had them within two days thanks to Zappos! I'm usually not a fan of an ankle strap but these are an exception.   Sport these with a pair of shorts  or a  white dress they will make your summer happy happy happy. Thanks to the Junk Gypsies for inspiring me to add a little hippy to my summer shoe collection. 

Happy Fashion Friday my Friends!


  1. I think they're adorable! I have a pair of Minnetonka flats and they're so comfortable - hope these are comfy too! Love the color!

  2. Anonymous9:18 PM

    You didn't know it, but I was there at Roundtop with you, in spirit! Need to see the arrow you bought, too. ❤Mom

  3. These are so adorable! I love the color.


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