Monday, April 29, 2013

Manicure Monday...

O.k. so it was actually pedicure Monday but manicure sounds better don't you think? Last weekend my friend Janet told me about a new place she went to get her toes did. She also mentioned that their nail polish was  toxin free, vegan friendly brand  Zoya. I had never heard of it and knew I needed to go test it out today. I thought to myself new place, new brand of polish so I should try a new color...step out of my box a little.

Well  I may have stepped a little too far out  today with this color...

I knew I wanted a brighter pink...but this may be a little too much for me. So this is Zoya #79. There's 300 different colors and I don't know the name because the salon displays them by numbers. It was awarded the longest wearing natural polish in Women's Health Magazine so I'm curious to see how long it will last. Or how long I can handle all this brightness on my toes!


  1. CUTE!!!! I haven't ever heard of Zoya I will have to check it out. but I do have some colors by MINT Polish and they are awesome. It says it is "toxin Free".

  2. I'll definitely check the MINT out Karen!!! Thanks ;)


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