Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Boho meets Stripes

Boho meets Stripes

Sleeveless top
$16 -

Sam edelman shoes

Stella Dot statement necklace

Monday, April 29, 2013

Manicure Monday...

O.k. so it was actually pedicure Monday but manicure sounds better don't you think? Last weekend my friend Janet told me about a new place she went to get her toes did. She also mentioned that their nail polish was  toxin free, vegan friendly brand  Zoya. I had never heard of it and knew I needed to go test it out today. I thought to myself new place, new brand of polish so I should try a new color...step out of my box a little.

Well  I may have stepped a little too far out  today with this color...

I knew I wanted a brighter pink...but this may be a little too much for me. So this is Zoya #79. There's 300 different colors and I don't know the name because the salon displays them by numbers. It was awarded the longest wearing natural polish in Women's Health Magazine so I'm curious to see how long it will last. Or how long I can handle all this brightness on my toes!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Fashion Friday...

Meet Melanie.
Melanie and I are going to be tight this summer. 

Dr. Scholl meets Flip Flop and I'm loving it! The brand is Flogg and I'm a big fan. Stylish and comfortable with a laid back California feel...just my type of shoe.  When I wear these the free spirited woman of the 70's comes out in me... I suddenly have the urge to play Little River Band, Dan Fogelberg mixed with a little Jay-Z.

Happy Friday Fashion

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Try It Tuesday...

Avocado sandwich...yes please!
 So for the past couple of weeks I have been #addicted to eating this
avocado goodness for lunch!

1 slice of Ezekiel whole grain bread (I pop it in the toaster just to warm it up a little)
Spread Vegenaise on bread
Sprinkle with Sea Salt
Place sliced avocado on top

Fun Facts on Avocados:
There are more than 80 varieties but the most common is the year round Hass  whose original mother tree still stands in California

They are good source of fiber, potassium and vitamins C, K, Folate & B6

On Superbowl Sunday, Americans eat about 8 million pounds of guacamole

On Cinco de Mayo, Americans eat close to 14 million pounds of guacamole

Try It Tuesday...

Monday, April 22, 2013

Run 2...

 This was my playlist for my runs last week and today. 

So for all of my runners out there I would love for you to help me with finding some new tunes to put together. What are your favorite songs to run to right now?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Try It Tuesday...

I love painted nails and toes are a must in the warmer months. 

 Right now I'm loving the color white (who am I kidding I've been obsessed with white on my nails for over a year now!)  There are so many whites on the market right now it can be a bit overwhelming. Plus, it's frustrating to buy a bottle of polish that you don't like and will never use again.  So that's why I'm going to suggest that you start off with Marshmallow by Essie.

This color won't leave you feeling like you just painted your nails with a bottle of white out! When I wear this color I always do 4 coats and it leaves you with a nice soft white. 
Need your nails to dry fast? Try this...

Yes, this is my foot in a bowl of ice water because I needed my nails to dry fast!  I'm not sure  if I saw this on Pinterest, in a magazine, or where but I read that if you put your freshly painted nails in an ice bath it will rapidly dry your nail polish!
It worked!
Apply your polish, then dip in ice water anywhere from 1-2 minutes (It's o.k. to dip them in and out because it gets really cold.) Dry and apply a top coat if you choose to do so!

Try It Tuesday...

Friday, April 12, 2013

Round Top Inspired Fashion Friday...

Last Friday I finally made it to the infamous Round Top Antique Fair here in Texas with my two neighborhood home girls! So worth the hour and a half drive to go junkin' in the junk capitol of the world on Hwy 237 in Warrenton, Tx. We found some great "jewels" to take home and we had to stop in to see what the Junk Gypsies were up to. Of course Jolie had to photo bomb our pic but we thought what the heck...we're here why not?

One of the "gypsies" had these 
Nicki by Minnetonka in Poppy Red

shoes on and I couldn't stop thinking of them once we left. That's when I know I have to have something. So of course I found them online and had them within two days thanks to Zappos! I'm usually not a fan of an ankle strap but these are an exception.   Sport these with a pair of shorts  or a  white dress they will make your summer happy happy happy. Thanks to the Junk Gypsies for inspiring me to add a little hippy to my summer shoe collection. 

Happy Fashion Friday my Friends!

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Try It Tuesday...


O.k. It's Tuesday and I have a recipe for you to try.
A couple weeks back I posted a Mac'n Cheese recipe that was good, but just not good enough. And you know how I am desperately looking for one! So my friend Karen commented (always love your comments kmlrunner) and gave me a link to her family's favorite mac n cheese recipe.
I made it for Easter and it was a hit! Yes, we have found our homemade mac' n cheese recipe and it's fairly simple to whip up. Hail to Karen!
I did forget to take a pic of my own but I'm going to send you on over to A Sweet Chef where she has multiple pics and the recipe for this bomb of a mac n cheese recipe!
Click here  to go to her site and don't forget to let me know if you tried it!


So if cooking isn't your thing and you want to step out of your box and try a running program (or if you're eating too much homemade mac n cheese)  I suggest trying The Couch-to-5K Running Plan that once again my friend Karen started me on! I've never been a runner but have attempted many times. Obviously I wasn't training the right way and never had the "runner's high."  This is what I love about running- It is something that you can do on your own schedule, it's cheap (although good running shoes is a must) and the races look so stinkin fun. 
So with that being said I want you all to know that today I finished my last run in the program and I've never felt so great! After finishing this I honestly believe that anyone can manage 3.1 miles. Thanks for your motivation and for today's blog inspiration kmlrunner ;)


Now, go out and Try It!

Monday, April 08, 2013

How Does She Do It...

Well, It's Monday but I will have to say that I'm excited to start the week! I usually have a hard time getting out of bed on Monday mornings but today was different. I couldn't wait to get my day started  because I knew  the UPS man would be bringing me a delivery. Love seeing his face at my door in the afternoon!

My How Does She Do It tote is coming today along with my other new accessories from Stella & Dot's summer line that just launched today! Yes, you all know that I sell this line and they have added totes for summer!
Yes, it's the little things that make me happy and I can't wait to get it organized.
Here's what I will be toting around starting today
Open it up and there's even a place for your water bottle!
Love the stripes for summer. What I love even more is the price of our bag.  I was looking at this Michael Kors bag (which is smaller than my Stella & Dot) but the price tag is larger...$258!

Our bag is $89. That ladies is what I call style for a steal...

If this one isn't your "bag" then please check out the different styles and patterns on my personal website

Friday, April 05, 2013

100 years...

I'm putting my Fashion Friday on hold this week because I need to brag about my hubby's sense of fashion! NOT!
I'm actually bragging about his glory days in the town that Elvis built.
Yesterday, on the 100th anniversary of the first baseball game played at the University of Memphis, he was chosen to be on the All-Century Team.

Here he is along side his former teammate and favorite left handed pitcher from Katy, Texas of all places, Collins Day and the other Tiger baseball greats. What an honor for him to be chosen. We're so proud of him and his accomplishments at Memphis during the 93 & 94 seasons. Yes he only played there two years, but he still holds the record for highest career batting average (.424) and 5 other single season records. The Kid could hit! 
O.k. so enough bragging because Glory Days...they'll pass you by, Glory Days, Glory Days
Baseball sure has been a big part of our lives and continues to be with Jack loving the game the way he does. Wouldn't have it any other way.
So with that being said... Charisa this is what we'll be toasting to tonight!

Monday, April 01, 2013

Monday Happenings...

My playlist for this morning's run
because I ate too many of these 
over Easter weekend!
I look forward to these bunnies this time of year...the perfect ratio of peanut butter to chocolate.
Happy April 1st fool...
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