Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Operation Patio cleanup...

So it's Wednesday and it's the first day of Spring.
Spring came in like a lion early early as in 2:40 this morning...hail storm, rain, wind.
We really felt like our windows were going to break and all I kept thinking was what in the world am I going to do if the rain comes pouring in here? There is not a piece of plastic big enough around here to cover these windows and the only duct tape around here is zebra print and neon pink...
Maybe I need to go get some storm supplies this week...I would hate to see what a hurricane brings...
Thankfully it passed and the only damage I woke up to was this

Towels, carts, sunscreen, swimsuits, cushions everywhere and two missing chairs...

Oh here they are in the pool...Egads!

Looks like it's operation patio cleanup today to welcome Spring!

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  1. Yikes! It was crazy this morning. It cleared up nicely though!
    P.S. I think pink zebra duct tape would make a pretty repair job!


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