Monday, December 31, 2012

Here's to 2012...

12 memorable events of '12 to toast to...
January impromptu trip to NOLA
Celebrating 40 years later with Mom, Dad & Mark at Truluck's
Spartans win first tourney of the year
Double digits for Ryan
Sipping canned bubbles with the Bells in Scottsdale
Jack hit his first homer
More family fun at La Playa (literally) with the Smith's
Round two in Scottsdale with Kelly-girls only this time
Reunion + double graduation = family fun in the Big D
Mark's turn to celebrate 40 years! 
Dad celebrates 60 years-we were there via Facetime!
Saints win first Turfbowl...undefeated season!

These are just a few of the great times we made in 2012. But as with any December 31st we need to sweep out the old so that we can ring in the new!
Let's make the last day count and get ready to start our new year resolutions.
What's going to be on your list?


  1. Looks like a great year! Cheers to another one!

  2. Looks like you had a fun filled, memorable 2012! Happy New Year to you, Charity!

  3. What a great recap!!! Happy 2013!!!!


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