Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving has come and gone and what a relaxing holiday it was! I can't begin to tell you how much we needed this downtime to recharge and to get organized so we can enjoy the start of the holiday season!
It has been 4 days of sleeping in..relaxing...organizing and taking care of Jack a roo who has been sick all weekend. 

We did manage to get the Turkey Dash in Thursday morning and it is now part of our family tradition each year. Mark is still upset that the results of the race were wrong. I guess this is the competitive side in him while I was just grateful we finished with the kiddos. We enjoyed the warm weather, our steak dinner and our left over turkey sandwiches the next day! 

Our tree is up...Looks great..little full...lottta sap! 
 I always look forward to pulling out our ornaments and remembering where each one came from. I'm obsessed with Christopher Radko and I've been collecting his ornaments for quite some years now. 
I just love the vintage feel of his ornaments and the fact that each one takes 7 days to make. If this peaks your interest at all click here to read about this unique process.


  1. So glad you had some relaxation. You deserve it!

    I hope Jack is feeling better. We are putting up our tree as we speak. We also go through each ornament which is so fun to re-live the girls lives. [sniff, sniff....]

  2. Sorry to hear Jack was sick. Hope he is better now. I'm so behind on Christmas decorations. Love to travel for Thanksgiving but hard to get back in the swing of things.


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