Friday, October 19, 2012

Texas mums-not what you think...

I grew up in Illinois and mums to me have always been the fall plants you see on everyone's doorstep in late September, October letting you know that summer is officially over. 
Well, mums take on a whole new meaning around here during homecoming week...

 The huge, ginormous corsage around my cousin's daughter's neck (would that make Lindsey my 2nd cousin once removed?)- is a Texas mum!  This is one of the exciting moments during homecoming week when you receive your mum from your date to wear to school and to the football game. 
I'm sure this had to start out as a simple tradition of a boy giving his date a flower corsage for the homecoming football game. Texas, being Texas, had to take the corsage a little bigger and better... which doesn't surprise me one bit.
 I don't want to know what the mother of the boy goes through this time of they make these themselves? Do they get them professionally made? Nor do I want to know the cost of these...on top of everything else needed for homecoming weekend!
 Yes, in case you were wondering the boys wear them too (on a much smaller scale Thank Gawd) on their arm.

I love traditions and can't imagine what these mums will be like when it's Ryan's turn...

BTW...guess who was rockin' the Medina Bib necklace from Stella & Dot today?

Lara Spencer from GMA...

Have a great weekend!


  1. The mum is SERIOUS BUSINESS!!!!! You can make them or buy them. They are NOT CHEAP!!!!!! When all is said and done I have heard about $80-$100 is what you should expect. The BIGGER the BETTER as with all here in TX :)

    Happy weekend!!!!!

  2. Anonymous10:11 AM

    I'm sure it's at the very least $100 and yes, her date's mom MADE that mum! Crazy tradition, but I have to admit it sure is fun. I'm betting the teachers aren's so crazy about this tradition today at school :)


  3. @kmlrunner @Lori At least I'll only have to make/buy one of these ginormous mums! They take on a life of their own!!! Have a great weekend :)

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