Monday, October 15, 2012

Hung from the 20 ft ceiling with care...

We had a productive, long weekend. The lights were hung from the ceiling with care in hopes that Mark will never have to go there...again. 

After three failed attempts to get an electrician to come by the house (I miss Lantz Homes subs by the way)  all to have the dining room light (20ft ceiling) hung, Mark was finally called into action. After weeks of searching, we finally found someone that had a 16 ft A-frame ladder. The only problem is that just because you find a 16 foot ladder doesn't help it get any closer to your home, let alone walk through your front door and stand up by itself. Mark had to borrow straps from one neighbor, a diesel F-250 with 12-foot trailer attached from another neighbor and then lug that joker in and out (I helped lug it out of the house....HEAVY!!!)
You know how Home Depot will have little hammers by projects to let you know how difficult a task is before undertaking the job? Well Mark has his own rating system...It usually goes by how many times he says an infamous cuss word (F@$*)
Well this project was a 12-F*#% project with a couple of moms attached to the expletives at one point (probably would have been worse except for Jack had 2 friends over during the project so Mark was on his best behavior). Mark is available in the Houston market for all of your basic handy-man jobs if you do not mind a foul mouthed worker on your job site.


  1. I'm sure it's all worth it! Looks beautiful!

    I miss the LH subs too. Just had a 2nd plumber tell me that he can't find anything wrong with our water heater that doesn't make enough hot water. Grrrr...

  2. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Well this post made my day! Laughed so hard. Mom

  3. Nice to hear that our house isn't the only one that these scenarios play out. Gotta love the foul mouthed husband err........I mean contractor :)

  4. I am cracking up. :)

  5. Thanks girls for your comments and glad to hear that you had a good laugh from it!!

  6. After seeing these GIGANTIC beauties, I will say job well done. It was worth it....cursing and all! They are gorgeous!


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