Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween & Chivas

I woke up today and something wasn't quite right. I had a tough time rolling out of bed and you know that feeling of "ugh I think I'm coming down with something."
Mark and Jack felt fine but Ryan was a little under the weather as well.
I think, well I know what we have...It's an epidemic spreading across the Houston area called

Bieber Fever Baby!!!!!

We had the pleasure of going with friends to watch him light up the stage last night!
What a night to remember...these girls had the time of their lives!

We will be trick or treating tonight and then Mark and I will be choking down over priced Chivas in memory of Big Bob who passed away on Halloween night two years ago. 
It's hard to believe that it's been two years...even harder to believe that he's not with us anymore.  Sure makes you stop to think how short life really is and to enjoy every moment of it. Let's remember not to take it so seriously, have fun and make lots of memories.
Here's to giving us many great memories and laughs throughout the years Bob!


  1. Jauna Clifton11:48 AM

    Girl you are brave! I took Rileigh to see him at the rodeo a couple years ago and I swear my ears were bleeding by the time we left! Totally worth the looks on their faces though :)

  2. Such fun memories for both of you!!!! I think you are brave for drinking the Chivas. YUCK!!!! Happy Halloween!!!!!

  3. @Jauna so worth seeing their excitement over him!! Man that kid has some moves!

    @kmlrunner if it wasn't for Mark's dad I wouldn't do it! It was his favorite so once a year we drink it in memory of him!! happy Halloween to you!

  4. It was so fun, wasn't it? As Ryan put it so nicely, "Thank you for sharing this experience with us."
    Rest in Peace to Mark's Dad. Have a great Halloween!


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