Monday, September 17, 2012

Glory Days...

Ryan and I stayed super busy this past weekend while Mark and Jack flew to Phoenix to catch up with some old buddies at Chase Field. Here's a little something from #11 in the Dbacks program but #1 in my heart...
"People talkin' and their sayin that you're leavin...
So unhappy, 'bout the way that you been living...
Awwwwwawwaw We only wish for money, we only wish for fame
we think we have the answers, some things ain't ever gonna change"
(my batter song) 
Well they sure change! And I wish that I could say that they change for the better, but not during an alumni game.
For the record...I didn't get hurt. I did get beaned (have the bruise to prove it and probably the only time in my career that I didn't run to first-figured it might be my only at bat so I stayed in the box) but hung in there to hit off of Elmer Dessens. Robbie Hammock was catching so I am pretty sure that he called for the old middle finger routine (thats what catcher's put down when they want to hit the guy up to bat). Well it didn't work, because the kid singled down the left field line (should have been a double except Ernie "not so" Young was running in front of me and I had to settle for an extremely long single. I scored later in the inning but not before I ran right out of my spike while advancing from second to third on a double play ball. The game ended in a 2-2 tie (we only played 4 innings) but I would have to say that Matt William's home team would have prevailed had we played the "Texas-tie breaker" that we were supposed to play had we had any pitching left. I am surprised that Bud Selig or Congress has not got involved with implementing some Rule 5.19 that states that an alumni game cannot end in a tie.
On the lighter side, I was asked by David Delucci if I had been playing softball since I retired because I looked so fresh in the field and at the plate...HAHAHAHA Jeff Lantz and Wally McNeill should love that one!
I am so glad that Jackaroo got to go with me. We got to play catch on the field in front of the 30,000 fans that stuck around after the Dbacks game to watch the real game afterwards. I hope that he enjoyed it! I think that he had a blast with the other kids and he definitely enjoyed the bubble gum and sunflower seeds as well as showering with the fellas after the game.

Where are you supposed to put your glove when your hands are busy doing something else?
Me and Jack trying to figure out how I am gonna peel my pants off after the game


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  2. Anonymous10:22 PM

    So glad you and Jack had such a memorable weekend! Maybe next year this could be a "family" vacation! Love ya!


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